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How to get a good deal at Namecheap

Namecheap is a comparatively cheap service provider. Based on their reviews on various sites, we believe that the reason Namecheap is so popular is its marvelous customer support service.

A lot of their clients claim that the customer service are very friendly, responsive and cooperative.

The clients also stated that the reps went above and beyond to help them in getting the problems solved.

NameCheap was strictly a domain registrar in the start (ever wondered why it's called NAMEcheap?), and it seems like most of the clients are now happy with their shard hosting experience, VPS and dedicated server clients as well.

Namecheap even cheaper?

As you already know that every website has its own unique shopping cart mechanism and using it might be a bit confusing. Therefore, we are explaining the process in a step by step mechanism with the confidence that this will sort you out!

Go to the website of NameCheap.com and chose the Web Hosting Package or Domain Name service you want to buy. As shown below, select your desired plan for hosting and / or domain name

In case if you chose hosting service, then in very next step you can go for registering a domain name. If you want to, you can also point your existing domain name to your new hosting service.

In the next step, you will be landed on the shopping cart where you will be shown the promo code box. This box is placed on the right hand side, right below the order. Proceed after providing your promo code:

If you provide a valid code, you will be shown the following message: “Coupon Code Successfully Applied”

And if the code is invalid, you will be shown: “Please try again. Unable to apply coupon code. Coupon code has already expired.”

That’s it!! You are all done. Keep visiting our site to stay updated on all the codes ☺

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